The Colour Rendering Specialists

We have a selection of different types of external render and decorative finishes to protect and enhance the appearance of your home. They range from the traditional sand/cement render which can be painted, to modern coloured renders that don’t require painting.

Traditional Sand/Cement Renders

Traditional renders consist of sharp washed sand, Portland cement and hydrated lime. The proportions of each depend on the type of wall and level of exposure to weather.

Stainless steel or plastic rendering beads are fixed to corners for protection; bellcast beads are fixed above damp proof course, windows and doors to protect them, and to deflect rainwater.

Coloured Renders

‘Through colour’ renders are premixed bags of render, which are pre-coloured during manufacture. These renders are particularly appealing as they do not require painting and offer long-term protection on a broad range of surfaces.

Coloured renders consist of graded aggregates; white Portland cement, lime, polymer admixtures, silicones and a colour pigment. The silicone repellents are an integral part of the render, as they repel water from the surface whilst allowing water vapour to pass through and let the substrate breathe, reducing condensation.

The renders come in a wide range of colours and can be finished in different textures, from a flat-sponged float finish or a rougher scraped finish and pebbledash. Colour PVC corner beads and stop beads can be used to match the render or provide acontrast.

High Build

An advanced decorative and protective textured coating ideal for covering fine cracks and uneven irregular surfaces, high build is a water-borne medium to heavy textured coating which can be used on most exterior masonry surfaces, including exterior grade building boards.